Club History

The original one-group TJ Vodní sporty (water sports) Dyje Břeclav was established by several paddlers and yachtsmen of Břeclav in the seventies of the 20th century. The original idea was to operate a yacht club in the Novomlýnské nádrže (the Dams of Nové Mlýny) built on the Dyje River under Pálavké vrchy (the Hills of Pálava). The first yacht centre appeared in the eighties at the Municipality of Pasohlávky on the first dam Mušovská nádrž (the area of about 600 ha). Before the third one, the largest Novomlýnská nádrž was filled in (in the spring of 1989, the area of 1600 ha), some members of the TJ decided on leaving the centre and the anchorage at Pasohlávky and started building up a new so-called „dry“ centre and anchorage on the plot assigned by the state under the Municipality of Pavlov.

Thus a new subject appeared and after the reforms in the period after November it got a new name – Yachtclub Dyje Břeclav (hereinafter YC). Due to the effort of the members of the new YC and their temporary work, the former material storage area of company Ingstav became a cosy centre with safe anchorage and newly built embankment and the protected bay with equipment for launching even large yachts. 

Due to its area and wind conditions Novomlýnská nádrž became a favourite place of training, races and recreation of many yachtsmen from the whole CR. Each year, we organize 8-10 races of the Czech Cup for almost all boat classes which are represented in the CR. The popularity of water and background of the YC Dyje is supported by the fact that the association of individual boat classes repeatedly ask for organizing traditional races in which even foreign participants take part more frequently.

YC Dyje members mostly own cabin yachts of different types which they mostly built on their own in the past – Cap Corse, Corsair, Zeton and Sportina. Each year, we also organize 3 races for these so-called boats outside the classes. Due to the complicated transport of these boats, they are mostly occupied by our competitors. Some of our members are not happy with the large area of „our“ water so they try to realize their ideas of yachting somewhere else. Many of them experienced sailing at sea during holiday or as competitors – participating in the races organized by the Czech bodies mainly at the Adriatic Sea.

Over the past years, at the time of disputes with ecological activists with regard to the the height of the level of interconnected reservoirs (Věstonická and Novomlýnská; originally 170,35 m above the sea level), the water level often fluctuated. At present, the given water level is given at 170,00 m above the sea level which should not change in downward direction and to put in danger the safety of boats, sailing and water quality. The YC Dyje provides in its centre services in the scope permitted for public campsites.

The club members and visitors highly assess water care, regular cleaning and total impression of the grounds with the park arrangement. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to build new fixed objects in the past due to the long-term prohibition of construction. This situation was solved by provisional constructions of infrastructure which should be changed to the standard facilities in the immediate future. Everything depends on funding. The necessary implementation projects are almost ready.

In 2005, the rest of the peninsula was hired from the Municipality of Pavlov for quite a large amount of money. This peninsula was cultivated, provided with grass, fence and made available for the people interested in new sport, kitesurfing but it is also available for windsurfing and in case of races it will be used for camping of racers. The surrounding of the reservoir is a well known wine-growing region with the green slopes and terraces planted with grapevine. Wight limestone rocks of Pálava create a romantic set piece above the large water area. The wide valley of the Dyje River is open to the regular wind which is the Alpha and Omega of our sport. The surrounding slopes are full of wine cellars and their owners invite everybody to have a glass of red or white wine.