What to do when…

Several tips what to do when the weather is not nice or you want to have a look around.

What to do when it is windy?

Novomlýnské nádrže are very popular amongst both yachtsmen and surfers. With regard to the fact that apart from the majestic peak of Pálava there is nothing stopping the wind from blowing; the wind direction does not change too often. The professionals even say that Nové Mlýny are one of the less localities in the Czech Republic, where the weather conditions are comparable with those at sea.

What to do when the wind does not blow?

There are people in the world which can be happy even under the windless conditions. These hit the roads on bicycles or on foot to Pálava with a joy, or to the tours of castles ruins or other interesting things such as:

    • Pálava peak with a beautiful view,
    • Local ArcheoPark Pavlov,
    • Ruins of several watch castles or fortresses,
    • The museum dedicated to our long-ago ancestors in Věstonice,
    • Trip to Mikulov or Lednice,
    • Wine-growing cycle path which will take you through vineyards to the excursion in many wine cellars,
    • Fishing.

!!! Important warning!!! Be very careful when the weather is really hot and you come out from the cellar to the direct sun light!