About GDPR

Information about personal data protection.

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that our company will treat your personal data and other facts you will provide us with and which are related to this area in compliance with valid legal regulations.

Personal data you will provide us with when booking accommodation in our facilities or in relation to your interest in our services are compulsory with regard to your name, surname and address or date of birth because they are used for clear identification which results in concluding an agreement on given service. We process these data to fulfil the agreements concluded between us, to fulfil our legal obligations (mainly in the accounting and tax area) and to process necessary information to provide the protection of your rights and the rights of protected interests and application of legal claims. We also process these and possible other data (in compliance with valid legislation) for the purpose of registration of local fees (for recreational stays) and handing them over to the relevant body. If you are not the CR citizens, then we are obliged to keep your personal records for the Immigration Police and make them available for the Police (in the scope according to valid legislation). If we require other than above given data and do not tell you that they are compulsory and do not inform you about the reason (our legal obligation), it is the information which is provided voluntarily to fulfil an agreement being concluded between us. We will use then these data together with obligatory data to fulfil the agreement. At the same time, we would like to inform you that in case of providing us with your e-mail address, we will use it with your name and surname in the future (in compliance with our so-called legitimate interest) for our marketing purposes, other offers of accommodation and possible use of other services which our company provides, and also to offer you the participation in the events organized in our facilities. With regard to this warning, your consent is not needed; your rights are protected by the possibility to raise an objection (see below).

As for your photo which you will submit or we take it with your knowledge to issue a document authorizing you to enter our facilities, we would like to inform you that such photo is taken in the scope of our contractual request as a part of the agreement being concluded between us; therefore it does not require your separate explicit consent. Processing of the photo for making the ID card authorizing you to enter our facilities is the measure how to verify your right to the repeated entrance. Similar situation applies to the municipality inhabitants who are entitled to enter our facilities for free.

Personal data will be processed in the paper and electronic form and will be handed over to the bodies when fulfilling or ensuring our obligations or when providing the protection of our rights and our interests protected by the law.

Not providing some compulsory personal data could cause the invalidity of the agreement being concluded between us, the impossibility of fulfilling our obligations and other possible legal consequences which, if not provided, are related to binding legal regulations.

Your personal data will be processing for the period of time which is stipulated by generally binding legal regulations, including archiving regulations namely those provided mandatorily as well as voluntarily or on the basis of our request due to the purpose of the agreement being concluded between us, including your e-mail address for marketing purposes. It could be different, if you are informed otherwise in advance or data processing was changed on the basis of your consent given to a different period. There will not be obviously processing of the data to which you would apply a justified objection, etc.

You have a right to require from us the access to your personal data we process (information about which data we process, reasons of processing, who has the access to them, a period of archiving, information on the scope of your rights or other facts), to require their correction (if incorrect) and deletion (if the reason of their processing ceased), you have the right to ask for the reduction of processing (if there is a doubt about the authority to process them). You can raise an objection against processing of your personal data. If you raise such objection against processing of your e-mail address for marketing purposes, the e-mail will not be processed for this purpose any more. If we process your personal data based on your consent, you have the right to revoke this consent.

If you presume that your personal data are not processed in compliance with legal regulations, you have the right to lodge a claim with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

We would like to inform you that we operate in part of our facilities a camera system to protect our properties and increase safety. The camera system is operated by our company in compliance with legal regulations so that when maintaining its purposes, we protect your privacy as much as possible. If needed and based on your particular request, it is processed by the external company. If such claim is made, the records from this camera system are handed over to the Police of the CR within obligatory cooperation.

We would like to inform you that during the events organized in our facility, photographs are taken and possible videos recorded whereas the photographs are also published on websites operated by our company, on our face-book profiles or in photo galleries available on the Internet; in case of photographs, they are also handed over to electronic and printed media (information bulletin of the Municipality of Pavlov, etc.). It is usual documentation of events when it is possible to do it on the basis of this notification even without your explicit consent. If you wish to exclude the above given treatment of the photographs taken in such way and videos related to your person, please, inform us. If you find out at any time that your photographs were published in the way which does not suit you, inform us please and we will make appropriate measures in compliance with your wish.

If you complete a satisfaction questionnaire at the end of your stay with us or after any other service, then personal data you newly provide us with for drawing lots, will be used solely for identifying a winner within draw unless you are informed otherwise or you do not give a consent for different processing.

In case you require more information on the given area or explanation, please, address our staff; they will be happy to answer your questions or organize the answers in any other way. You can mainly contact the reception on: info@ycdyje.cz.

Our company also appointed a representative for the protection of personal data so you can contact him on the above given e-mail address and also on: Yachtclub Dyje Břeclav, Zámecké náměstí 8, 69002 Břeclav.

Your YC Dyje, z.s.