On 07/10/2017, due to the brilliant idea of Jirka Kalina, there took place a race called New Wine Regatta (Burčáková regatta) 2017.
Because on that date, there was a lack of water and many boats were already on dry spots, thus the race was also organized as “a dry race”. Like the board game similar to “Ludo”.
Jirka made up a track – a triangle, crossing against wind, with beam wind, down the wind – plus two times spinnaker, three possibilities of touching a buoy, once Man Overboard, several times of waiting for a six, several times of skipping throwing in case of Tack, two rounds and three heats.
He invented for each of us a “small boat”, for Katka a two-masted vessel; in the heat of the battle, two masts broke – thus fast repair had to be done – by replacing canvas (Oh man, who is going to pay for it?).
Starting numbers and the order of throwing a dice was made according to the submitted application forms; the game was very spontaneous, exciting; they tried to solve several ideas of changing the course of the race – now way; they were not accepted.
During the Race, the inspection from SPS (Párátko – toothpick) “arrived” – and “a breath test was ordered”. It was not agreed how to assess the order in the exceptional “heat” – according to alcohol limit!? Or how? However, at the end of the day, all of us had “a zero” because the device was not provided with batteries.
When the results were announced, each of participants received a Diploma and the first three also received medals. And on top of it, everyone received “some” prize.
After that, Jirka also arranged some refreshment and “steak tartar”.

What else to add – a brilliant idea, great organization and perfect time.
Tanks on behalf of all participants – everyone who was not there can regret it.
Black, the captain alias Černý Jaroslav
I placed several photographs from the Race on:
I also add several photographs from New Wine Regattas in Pasohlávky, medals which I made once, the photographs from old Zastávka, the start of the race of cabins from anchored boats in the swimming pool, the trees in the dam once….

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